A Life After Death Party

Published : 19/01/2009 06:30:35
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I admit that there are certain parties that I find to be more appealing than others. I enjoy a party that celebrates something positive. I am not as excited about parties when people lose their jobs, or when someone dies. Nonetheless, I have attended, and even co-hosted, these types of parties. They are just not my favourites.

Seven weeks after my grandmother passed away, my grandfather announced that he was hosting a "Life After Death" party in her honour. We were all surprised by this and not sure what to expect. Was he trying to hold a seance? Had he purchased a Ouija board? He had always been a man of faith, but had the loss of his wife pushed him round the bend? What did he have in mind?

We came to his house, and were pleasantly surprised. There was no supernatural paraphernalia to be found. He explained that, while he was personally devastated by her loss, he recognized that life does go on. There is life after death for the rest of his family. He officially started the party by handing out glow bracelets and party bags to all the kid's, playing a few of my grandmother's favourite tunes and opening a bottle champagne to toast her life.

He explained that he was going to distribute his wife's jewelry to grandchildren younger than eighteen, and to great grandchildren. He did not want us old timers to feel left out (I am his oldest grandchild, and have a couple of cousins that are more than twenty years younger than me).   Next, he allowed his granddaughters, and the wives of his grandsons, to take a look at her coats and hats. Everyone picked at least one item. Finally, he took a quick poll to see if anyone was interested in three closets full of clothing. He quickly added that he figured not, so he asked us all to write down our favourite charity. He would make a clothing donation to each one in my grandmother's name. This life after death party had been nothing like I had anticipated and I must say it left me with quite a warm feeling of well being. Thanks Grandad.

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