A Little Festive Humour From Russia

Published : 08/12/2011 19:00:37
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Once upon a time in a land far away, sometimes known as Russia, there was a palace, and in this palace there lived a Czar called Rudolph the Great. One wintry night Rudolph the Great was standing at the window looking out across the land, and noticed something. Turning to his wife he said, "My Dear, look outside, it is raining."

The great Czar's wife peered out into the cold gloominess of the night and said, "You are wrong. It is not raining, for I can clearly see that it is snowing." Rudolph and his wife continued to disagree as to whether it was raining or snowing, and so in order to settle their dispute they resolved to step outside into the cold to see for themselves.

As they stepped outside they were immediately drenched as the rain lashed down, soaking them in seconds. "You see Dear," pronounced the Czar," I was right. You really should have believed me, because Rudolph the Red knows rain, Dear!"

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