A Mind-Blowing Self Working Card Trick

Published : 11/01/2012 17:38:36
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Christmas is a great time to do a little magic or a few betchas, and throughout this blog I've offered several bar betchas and easy magic tricks which can be great fun. Although many of the magic tricks are pretty easy, the effect can be astounding, and this next one is personally a favourite of mine. As before what I'm going to do is to explain how the trick appears from the audience's point of view, and then leave you stewing for a day or two before giving you the reveal! Just make sure you bookmark this blog and come back over the next few days and I'll put you out of your misery.

Don't worry - it really is easy, it's self working (once you know the secret) and it really is very impressive and will elevate you to the status of a god in the eyes of your adoring audience. The Effect Have a spectator shuffle the cards, or borrow a pack if you like. Offer them freely to your volunteer and ask them to choose any card they like, but not to show you. They really do have a completely free choice. Once they have looked at their card, cut the deck in to two piles and place them in the table face down.

Ask them to place their card on one of the two piles, and then place the other half on top, squaring the pack up. Next, take the pack and deal the cards into four piles, as though dealing four hands. When you're done, pick up the first pile of cards and show them to the spectator, asking them to confirm whether or not their card is in that pile. If it isn't, discard the pile. If it is, discard the other piles. Once you have the one pile of cards in which their card is hidden, and you have discarded all of the others, deal the cards out again into four piles. Because you have 13 cards, one of the piles will have an extra card. Discard this pile. You will be left with three piles of three cards. In turn pick up each of these piles and discard the top card and the bottom card.

You will be left with just three cards in three piles. Pick these up to create one pile, and then discard the top card and the bottom card again, leaving just one card left out of the whole pack. Remind the spectator that they had a completely free choice of card right from the start. Remind them that they placed their card in the deck and completed the cut, burying it completely. Once you have established all of this, turn over the one card left in your hand, and try to look as modest as you can whilst your audience gasps in admiration of your god like powers, as it will be the volunteer's freely selected card.

Sounds good doesn't it? Want to know how to do this trick? Simple - just remember to bookmark this blog and come back over the next few days as I will reveal all (well, the secret to this trick anyway - wouldn't want to put you off!) If you like bar betchas, party tricks and magic tricks then you might be interested in having a look through this blog as I've already included quite a few, and will continue to do so in future. All the tricks included in this blog are easy to do, need no special props and almost no practice, yet will help to make sure that you get heads scratching over the festive period. It's certainly more entertaining than sitting listening to cracker jokes all afternoon!

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