A Nut Free Party for kids with a nut allergy

Published : 13/02/2009 07:43:56
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Everyone is allergic to everything. My eight year old son attends a "tree nut free" school, because there are enough kids there with peanut and other nut allergies that even the slightest presence of nut oil can cause a huge problem for the kids affected. I am fortunate that neither of my children suffers from these allergies, and I have sympathy for parents with kids who do suffer.

One such kid is in my son's class. Not only is he allergic to nuts, but also eggs, milk, wheat, animals, and anything that sounded like it might be fun. Because of these allergies, any time he has a party it is hosted in his house. That gives his parents better control of the environment.

Also, in part because of his allergies, he has some weird pets. Dogs and cats are out of the question. Anything fluffy or cuddly would cause him some serious harm. So, instead, he has bugs. He loves bugs. The theme for his birthday party was bugs. The kids painted their faces like bugs. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, they played pin the antenna on the bug.

The boy's mother made a special nut free, egg free, milk free, gluten free cake that was shaped like a giant green caterpillar. She used red and black licorice pieces for legs, thin celery sticks for antennas, and jelly beans for eyes. The cake itself was chocolate, with some type of green frosting on it. I tried some, and was surprised to find that it tasted pretty darned good. I couldn't imagine what you would have left to make a cake out of once you exclude eggs and milk.

I was very happy to see that all of the kids had fun at the party. I cannot imagine the caution that the parents must have to take with their son every day because of his allergies. It was nice to see him playing and having fun just like any other kid.

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