A Party Theme That's Out Of This World

Published : 15/08/2010 11:00:04
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It's often surprising just how adaptable some party props can be, allowing you to come up with some really fantastic party theme ideas simply by combining them in original ways. One of my particular favourite props for creating themes are the party theme rolls. These are huge great rolls, up to 12 metres long and about 1.2 metres high that you can attach to the walls in a room to instantly transform it.

Whether you want to create a secret garden, a wild west town or an old English pub, the theme rolls are great. Today I'm going to show you how you can use one of these rolls to create a couple of great party themes that will certainly go down well with any children who are into either space, or Harry Potter.

Let's face it, there are very few children who aren't deeply into one or both of these popular themes, and if you've got a party coming up then space and Harry Potter are themes you can really enjoy preparing, and which will certainly be appreciated. Let me show you how painless it is, but how effective it can be. First of all, the party theme wall roll you need is the Starry Night Room Roll. This is a fantastic roll that's both simple yet adaptable. Pure black with a mass of stars which stand out beautifully makes this a really atmospheric theme roll that can transform a room quickly.

If you want to go for a floor to ceiling effect then the best idea is to simply by two of the rolls. At only around £11 they're not expensive at all, and can easily be attached to the walls using either Blu Tack or tape, depending on the wall surface. if you have wallpaper on your walls or matt paint then I'd suggest tack is best, but for wooden walls or glossy painted walls then tape is a good option. Simply attach the starry night room roll a little like wallpaper, except that you hang it from left to right rather than vertically.

You'll be amazed the difference that this makes straight away, and if you cover up the windows too then the atmosphere is brilliant. (Personally I have one of those cheap ultra violet lights which I switch on, and makes the whole room, and all the stars leap out in an amazing way!) If you have some tables for food and drink, then buy a black plastic tablecover and cover up the tables with that, and then liberally scatter some star bright table confetti all over it, adding to the magical starry theme. Within a few minutes, just with these three items costing less than £15, the whole room will be utterly transformed, and with just one or two accent pieces you can bring alive the theme of either space, stars and planets, or Harry potter. If you're going for Harry Potter then obviously the best thing to do is to suggest that everyone comes in fancy dress! With a lot of little witches and wizards having fun the party is sure to be a great success! We can supply you with a gorgeous Harry Potter cake, complete with books, a witch's hat and a magical candle, and placed in the centre of your black, starry table, this will really look even more special. Don't forget to get the children to make a wish when the candle's blown out!

For the theme of space, why not make a pinata planet? It's really not that difficult, and hung suspended from the ceiling this will look amazing in the starry themed room. Simply blow up a nice big round balloon, and then use paper mache to cover it up (long strips soaked in water and PVA glue works best, adding layers as you go along). Don't forget to put the sweets or prizes inside the balloon before you do this stage though! Once you've covered up the balloon and the paper mache has dried, paint it with suitable colours for your planet of choice. You could go for planet Earth of course, or draw swirly lines running around it for Jupiter.

Why not get the kids involved, and have them paint their own pinata planet? Then for the party, simply hang it from the ceiling, and get the birthday child to try to bash it open with a stick, blindfolded if you like for an added challenge! For just a few pounds and a short amount of preparation you really can create a party theme that's out of this world!

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