A Party Trick That'll Get You Kicked From Any Casino

Published : 29/08/2011 10:06:13
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When it comes to doing magic tricks, understanding about instinct and psychology is essential for many of the best, and simplest tricks to work. For example, try this quick little trick: > Think of a number between 8 and 18. > Double it. > Subtract 4. > Double it. > Subtract 4 > Double it. Now, quickly think of the first vegetable that pops into your mind. Got it?

Now hold the thought of that vegetable in your mind, whilst I draw your attention to one of the simple magic trick props which we've recently introduced into our product range. Don't forget the vegetable - and don't change your mind - picture it clearly. Now, perhaps you've heard of weighted dice before, or trick dice?

The set we offer actually comprises two matching sets of dice which look identical, and can easily be exchanged without people being suspicious. But the point is that whilst one pair of dice is completely honest and genuine, the other pair of dice will always roll either a 7 or an 11 - which at a casino could well result in you walking away with a small fortune. (Still got that vegetable in your head?)

Now I have used weighted dice in the past (just for fun you realise!) and in most cases they'll roll the desired number almost all the time - but only 'almost'. However, the set we've got in stock are guaranteed to roll the desired number combinations every single time, without fail. They rely heavily on a simple understanding of human psychology, because in just the same way as you're thinking of a carrot (Huh? How did I know that?) people's minds tend to work in much the same way, and often we don't really understand why.

If you're not thinking of a carrot by the way, then I'd see a psychologist, because in 99% of cases people will think of anything coloured red or orange after a period of time spent working with numbers. Ask them to name a vegetable and it's usually a carrot, or sometimes a tomato. Why, we just don't know, but these red dice take advantage of another odd tendency. We gave these weighted dice to a professional magician, who actually rolled them 8 times before twigging how it was done. You see, they're not weighted at all. In fact, have another, much closer look at the photograph of the dice. See anything odd?

The fact is that one of the dice in the picture only has '5's on it, and the other only has '6's. But you'd be astonished just how few people ever notice this. Because when dice are thrown people instinctively look at the face only. Pick them up again quickly and people will never ever notice the other faces. Why would they? It's human psychology - because we know there's no need to ever look at any other face of a dice other than the top face. Our brain makes assumptions about familiar objects because it saves time. By taking advantage of the lazy way our brains work we can pull some great tricks. You could even combine the number trick above.

Try this. Explain to someone you're going to get them to throw a couple of dice and to add up the total number of spots to get a single number, and throw the genuine pair of dice a couple of times to demonstrate what you mean (whilst really just planting the assumption in people's minds that they'll be working with the same, genuine, random dice.)

Then swap the genuine dice for the 'weighted' dice. You can do this by hiding the fake dice in the palm of one hand whilst rolling with the other hand, and then when you pick up the genuine dice, quickly pick them up with the hand holding the fake dice whilst simultaneously reaching over to the person (misdirection) to perhaps get them to move over a bit so everyone can see, taking their eye of the hand holding the two pairs of dice. Use this as an opportunity to dump the real dice into your pocket.

Now push the fake dice into the hand of your spectator and tell them to close their hand around them tightly. Tell them to roll the dice, and add up the number of spots, then when they have, pick the dice up and pocket them, reminding them that you couldn't have known what number they'd have chosen, as it could have been anything from 2 to 24. Go through the same sort of mathematical routine as I did at the start of this blog, and then get them to choose a vegetable. Finally, ask them for the number they're finally thinking of, and the vegetable they're thinking of. If you follow the mathematical steps as listed above then they'll either be thinking of 32 or 64.

Then tell them to turn over the mat that you've been rolling the dice on, and they'll see a picture a carrot, with their number on. Either that, or have your mobile phone face down near the dice, and when they turn it over there is a picture of a carrot with their number on. Basically, you just need to have two pictures, one with the number 32 on a carrot and one with the number 64 on a carrot, and have them both close by, so that you can make it look as though there was only ever one single choice. The human brain - what a wonderful piece of engineering! Trick Weighted Dice

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