A Perfect Excuse For A Party - It's Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!

Published : 12/04/2012 13:00:25
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There are many great excuses for holidays throughout the year, from saints' days to religious celebrations, and from right royal knees ups to bank holidays. Although quite why we all celebrate having a day off because the banks are shut I don't know. Imagine if we all had a day off because the greengrocer was shut. Or the Post Office. If we all had a day off just because my local Post Office was shut we'd never get anything done. But I digress. Bank Holidays - Celebrating unpredictable weather since 1871 Because today, March 26th (just in case you hadn't quite twigged what the date was and by the way, it's Monday), is 'Make Up Your Own Holiday Day'. Honestly, it's official. Not that your boss will probably appreciate you taking the day off. In which case your special holiday will probably be St. P45's Day. So anyway, I've been having a think about this, and I've come up with a couple of holiday ideas of my own. See what you think, and let me know your own suggestions using the comments box below.

Oh No Not Another Monday Day

Most of us hate Mondays. Mondays were a bad idea right from the start. What a way to begin the week, getting up at the crack of dawn to sell another part of your soul to your boss, with only the prospect of the entire rest of the week to keep you going. I propose that we don't just have Bank Holiday Mondays off, we take all Mondays off. Monday should be a celebration of new beginnings after all. It's the start of a brand new week, a week full of untold promises and possibilities. It should be a joyous day full of optimism. Not a damp, dark, grey miserable reinforcement of how mundane our lives are compared to the plans we had when we were thirteen.

Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre Day

On 26th March 1934 the driving test was introduced in the UK. Yes, it's now been 78 years since some little person with a clipboard began hitting our dashboards for no apparent reason, make us do thirteen point turns whilst being scowled at by dozens of other drivers, and lurching like a hyperactive but slightly self doubting kangaroo on a pogo stick when confronted by a light turning from red to green. 78 years of learning how important it is to signal correctly at roundabouts, never exceed the speed limit and to be courteous to other drivers who may cut us up, and 78 years of then blatantly ignoring most of what we learned. So let's have a day off each year when we can all take to the roads, let everyone out of side roads, wave cheerily at people who may be driving four inches behind our rear bumper, and complement the driving skills of those who keep us waiting whilst they take twenty minutes to reverse park their Smart Car into a space recently vacated by a bus. So what do you think of these? Do you have any holiday suggestions of your own? Please share your ideas below! You never, know, this could be where it all begins...

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