A Peter Pan Party Theme for a Children's Birthday

Published : 20/11/2008 15:05:32
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

J. M. Barrie's magical novel Peter Pan still has the power to amaze children and grown ups alike to this day. We have a good selection of pirate party items in stock, as well as plenty of pirate themed party ideas on our site to help you plan your Peter Pan party. Don't forget however about the other characters in the story such as the red Indians, the lost boys, and of course Tinkerbell. Girls will love dressing as the mischievous fairy and glittering confetti makes for enchanting magical fairy dust.   Try your hand at a little face painting and ask the children to come in fancy dress. You can then complete their outfit with a fairy or pirate face painting design. Don't worry, plenty of help is at hand with our step by step guides on how to face paint with ease. Why not get Dad to dress up as Captain Hook and have him walk the plank! An alligator or pirate piñata makes for an energetic Peter Pan party game that will really burn off some energy.   Watching a film can be a great way to wind down towards the end of your party. After all the running around, dancing, games, and then food, the children often start to get a little tired towards the finish. Putting on one of the several excellent film adaptations of Peter Pan can keep the children entertained, whilst giving them (and you) a chance to rest. The 2003 Disney version "Peter Pan" is highly recommended as is the 1991 film"Hook".

Finally, cut and wrap the birthday cake (or Tinkerbell fairy cakes) and pop into your filled Peter Pan Party bags. Hand them out to all your guests on their way out and then relax…you can take a well earned rest now…..before you start to clear up all the mess!

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