A Pets birthday Party?

Published : 03/04/2009 07:04:39
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Anyone that owns a pet knows that they each have their own little personalities, their own little quirks. So wouldn't it make sense that they can make little friends, that they can have a good time playing with other animals? Personally, I think that every animal, whether cat or dog or even other, needs a good play date from time to time. My dog, Goddard, needs to see his little friends at least once a week or he gets moody. So this year, I decided to throw him a birthday party, such is becoming a fad with the stars.

The lucky thing about throwing a party for a pet is that they are not very demanding or picky. Anything you do will be appreciated, and enjoyed, even if it is as simple as letting them have all of their toys out at the same time and have a couple other pets over to play with them. As long as your pet shares well, of course, it's a good way for them to exercises and play along with another animal. My dog and cat actually really enjoy playing with each other, sharing toys and food, which may not be the case with all the pets you invite so make sure that you know how territorial your pet will be of their possessions before letting them just go wild. The last thing you want is for one pet to eat another.

There are several birthday cake recipes out there that are appropriate for your pets with nothing to upset sensitive stomachs and they are very easy to make too. Just make sure that you have extra paper plates or bowls nearby since most pets will not share their food bowls. You want clean up to be easy so get some simple plain disposable party supplies that will be licked clean then binned. Your pets will love the attention at their birthday party and what better excuse for visiting friends on a sunny afternoon and taking the dog along to.

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