A Picnic party for the Little Ones!

Published : 22/11/2008 17:08:43
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

Children are always difficult to please especially when they pass the age of 5; they seem to know everything that's happening in the world. You'll be surprised how quickly your tiny tot shoots up into a fully fledged questioning machine! Yes it’s a well known fact that children simply never miss a thing, nor do they forget precious memories such as birthday parties and celebrations.   One perfect way to make a birthday bash that goes down with top marks is to make an adventure for the kids. It’s all very well hiring out your local McDonalds, play palace or making a party in a local community hall but the occasions that are truly never forgotten are those that are creative and have a special touch from mummy and daddy.   A great birthday idea for children past the age of 5 is to arrange a picnic party. Of course the weather has to permit, but in an extreme case of good old English weather you can always bring the celebration inside to the living room floor. A true adventure for your child is to simply lay out a large blanket on the garden lawn and pack a food box full of goodies and treats for the children to savour. Some excellent budget party food to include in the food box would be sausage rolls, fairy cakes and crisps.   The kids will love you for it and very soon you will be the talk of the school playground! As a parent, it is very easy to get carried away in taking out large amounts of cash whilst arranging your party and getting caught in the moment. There is nothing wrong with a little expenditure to celebrate your child’s coming of age, however you will find that this idea is one that will never be forgotten and when your child grows up the memories of the time that mummy and daddy threw a picnic party to celebrate their birthday will be with them forever.

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