A Picture party!

Published : 08/12/2008 08:50:54
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

This may seem like a very absurd idea for those of you whom are into tidy house keeping, and don't believe in allowing children to let rip and blow off steam around the house. But... for those of you who are open to ideas and love to encourage the kids to try out new ventures, then a picture party would be a great idea to give a go at the next birthday in the household.   Put a large pile of paper in the middle of the room, along with an assortment of coloured crayons, pencils, paints, scissors and glue. Tell the children at the party that you are holding a colouring in and painting competition and that the winner of the best picture gets a prize. Simply have a bag of sweets at your fingertips to hand out to all the participating children and some pocket money toys to give to the picture party winners!

It's amazing to see how the kids keep occupied whilst colouring in and having hands on activities to do. Whilst they are colouring in and painting the next Picasso portrait, you are enabled to have time to get the birthday cake ready and take off the foil from the pre prepared party food. The kids will enjoy themselves, and for what it's worth so will you and the parents (especially if you add in a bottle of wine....for the parents of course)

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