A Pirate Eye Patch Completes Your Pirate Party Outfit

Published : 24/06/2009 17:50:03
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

What's a pirate party without a pirate eye patch? Throwing a pirate party is a really great way to get the stiff adults in your life to loosen up. Pirate party ideas and supplies are everywhere, so you can gather a mess of the right decorations and let everyone know that the plank will be walked for any stiffs that show up without their pirate persona.

Adult pirate parties encourage adults to get into character in a unique way. Women have the option of being dapper or slinky. Men have the option of chasing their little boy dreams, even if it is only one night of pretend. Sometimes getting all the grown ups in your life to jump on the idea is a little tough, but inevitably once they show up and the pirate party gets into full swing your efforts are rewarded. As adults we tend to forget that it is still a good idea to play dress up and act out our playful fantasies. Pirate parties often go over better with this realm than the traditional costume party simply because you are giving those who have been trapped behind their tie or suit a little too long some direction when it comes to getting their party groove on.

Pirate parties are enhanced by party bags or party giveaways that encourage a little more loosening up. Gift bags with shackles and other suggestive props as well as realistic pirate surroundings can go a long way when it come to encouraging a slow to warm crowd into getting up on the plank and doing their own pirate walk. Create your own Pirate Party Game for that extra bit of entertainment.

Whichever direction you intend to take your pirate party, don't forget the value of offering your grown up friends the chance to come back down into their childhood for a few hours. This gives everyone the opportunity to release some well bottled steam.

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