A Pirate Party Birthday Cake - Ship Shape!

Published : 17/02/2015 16:09:38
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Two tiered Pirates birthday cake complete with skull and crossbone on top and map around edge of top tier

A pirate party birthday cake is a big hit with all age groups and all occasions. You can throw a huge pirate party and bring in a plank to walk and the hidden treasure chests filled with party gold coin candy for an extra push over the top. A Pirates cake is just the final added touch to bring a pirate party to the next level.

Dressing up isn't just for children. If you are looking for a unique angle on your next dinner party, a pirate cake can be the exact right match for the event. Grown ups can bring out their inner thief of the high seas and join in the pirate party games. Pinatas filled with treasures can add some high seas fun to the night while your pirateers search for the next great hidden gold mine.

For a self catered pirate party you can bring out the seafood munchies, served on colourful party plates with gold treasure candy for accents. The pirate party cake adds to the themed event in the same way. You want to accentuate the fantasies of pirates, whether you are hosting a child’s party or an adults party. Pirating is a magical world of long adventures on the high seas. Your pirate party is another high seas adventure that will be long remembered by your guests.

Swashbuckling good times can be had by all during a pirate party, and your party supplies and pirate party cake should be all well matched to the interesting and original theme of your event. The more you set the décor and the more you bring your inner pirate to life, the more your guests will engage in the party spirit.

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