A Pony Party for your little girl

Published : 21/04/2009 07:12:17
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

A pony Party is the ideal way to spend the afternoon with a small group of little girls for a birthday party celebration. You don't need to own a pony, simply borrow a friends! Of course most of us don't own a pony or even know anybody who does so for most of us it's a two finger walk through the Yellow Pages or a Quick Google search for our nearest Donkey sanctuary or equestrian centre.

Now a pony party doesn't come cheap and good weather can't be guaranteed. What you are getting however is something other than the usual run of the mill Disney Princess party, bouncy castle extravaganza or trip to the cinema. This is going to be the one party she does remember when she's all grown up when the other 15 or so parties during her childhood all eventually converge into one.

You'll find that prices tend to start at around £15-£20 per head and upwards. Don't forget though, for that money you're getting a 2-3 hour pony party with usually around a good half hour riding at least during that time. All the party bags, food and party accessories like hats and blowouts and streamers usually come in the price. Some organizations will provide you with a Pony cake or at least a birthday cake of some description, so on the whole there is really very little work or preparation to be done by mum or dad, just the associated cost. If you can't afford a real life horse for her this year (and who can) then you might consider a pony party as the next best thing. I would defiantly recommend it.

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