A Present Party makes Great Children's Birthday Entertainment

Published : 02/02/2009 07:02:37
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

We all know how the little ones love that time of year when Santa comes around and leaves stacks of presents for them to open up on Christmas morning. Well I decided to latch on to a bit of that magical anticipation to come up with an idea that no one has every tried before (probably). It was so much fun and not a lot of effort to pull off, which is always great when you are looking for astress free birthday party entertainment. In the January sales I purchased a job lot of wrapping paper and decided to implement the idea of a present party.

You are probably wondering what the hell a present party is. Well it's a whole lot of fun with the children. I wrapped up a load of empty cardboard boxes and taped some Haribo sweets on the outside of them. Afterwards a few real presents were wrapped up to add to the adventure. The children were asked to choose a present and the lucky ones got a gift whilst the kids that opted for the boxes got sweets!

Whilst this idea might sound a little absurd, the kid's really did enjoy the fact that they were able to open up the parcels. They got great fun from tearing off the wrapping, which strangely made a great form of entertainment for them. It would seem that there's nothing like keeping Children's Party Games simple then for maximum effect! I also came to learn that when you throw in a few party bags to send home as presents, the ones that were not so lucky as to get a real present soon forgot about it!

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