A Quick Magic Trick To Impress The Kids

Published : 18/04/2012 11:30:34
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Playing cardsOne of the things we often look at on this blog are simple magic tricks which are virtually self working, but which can be good fun at a party or get together, either for helping you obtain free drinks, or simply impressing the children with your godlike powers. In order to help keep those powers alive, here's another simple trick you may like to try. The effect is quite simple, although it's up to you just how far you go with hamming it up.

You give a volunteer a pack of cards, or you can even borrow one. There is no preparation needed at all. Ask your volunteer to shuffle the pack thoroughly, and then hand them back to you. You place the shuffled pack of cards down onto the table, face down. You asked your volunteer to cut the deck, lifting up a portion of the deck and placing it to one side of the remaining cards. You then pick up the remaining pile and place it at a slight angle on top of the other pile of cards to mark the cut.

Now comes the hamming up bit! The simplest thing to do is to simply get out a pen and paper and then talk whatever mumbo-jumbo you wish in order to try to persuade them that you are communicating with a spirit guide, entering into a trans-dimensional state of consciousness which allows you to glimpse the near future, or even stare wildly into their eyes attempting to persuade them of your mind reading powers. Whatever you choose to do, you eventually write down a prediction, and you place this face down on the table. With all the drama you can master you ask the volunteer to turn over the card they cut to, and when they turn over the prediction you made of course they will match! So how was it done? Well obviously I will tell you, but you'll have to come back to this blog in order to find out!

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