A real Surprise Party for the guest of honour

Published : 09/01/2009 19:00:11
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

We all have a friend or relative that is always in everyone's business and giving them a surprise party is the ultimate chore. Here is a remedy for that. Let them be your helper. Make it seem like you are giving the surprise party for someone else whose birthday is in the same month. This person can be real or imaginary. Make the person feel like they are doing all of the preparation work for the party. I forgot, they are doing all of the work! The only thing that they are not doing is ordering the cake and the real invitations.   Have your busy body friend think it's all last minute so that they will have little time to gossip with anyone else. Nothing says screw up like a surprise party without a guest of honour so  make sure that they haven't already prepared a party for themselves. Borrow their mobile phone. Their closest friends will be in the directory.    If everyone co-operates, the party should go off without a hitch. Keep in mind that they are not going to be aware that this is actually their party so you will need to allow them time to get ready for the party, don't wear them out completely! You'll  need to have someone in place to make sure they have help setting up.  Tell your friend you will pick them up at a certain time and if all goes well after that, you will have achieved success in surprising them - the real guest of honour at the surprise party!

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