A Recipe for Chili Ice Cream Nightmare

Published : 18/06/2009 16:56:24
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Because I am such a popular person, a social butterfly if you will, I find myself at a lot of parties. Ok, in fact I am not that popular, but my wife and kids are. Because of them, I sometimes feel like I am going from one party to another. As a result, I've been around and seen some things. Some things that I have seen work well. Some do not. An ice cream party is a good idea. A Mexican Chilli cook off party is a good idea. The two together? I would call myself a skeptic, but I am well past that point. Chili ice cream is unnatural, and probably contrary to God's will.   You may well ask yourself, why would chili ice cream even enter my consciousness? Well, it is because of one of these parties. As well as enjoying decorating to make her party look fantastic with a variety of themed party supplies, my sister in law also enjoys experimenting on humans, so she is hosting a party where we will get to try out some new concoctions. Most do not sound too bad, but chili ice cream? I had to learn more.

Our dear friends at Google have made this a simple process to find a chili ice cream recipe. Jalapeno peppers, lime rind, and lime juice are the first ingredients. All things I hate. It looks like we're off to a good start. Next are avocados. Those I am ok with. It's looking better. Vanilla, sugar, salt, softened vanilla ice cream, and last but not least, heavy whipping cream. Good, but I am afraid. Sure enough, blend all the yucky stuff in with the good stuff. Top with more lime rind (excuse me, lime zest) and serve.

Why take two great things by themselves, and combine them into something so evil? And, it's the worst of the chili parts. No ground beef or beans. Now that would be an interesting ice cream flavour! Chili ice cream - no I don't think so.

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