A Safari birthday party overnight campout for older kids

Published : 23/01/2009 13:46:45
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Looking for a great birthday party for a child who is over the age of eight? Why not host a safari birthday party in which the kids get to camp out in the back garden. Not only does a safari birthday party lend itself to many easy games, such as a scavenger hunt, pin the tail on the giraffe, and charades, by adding a camp out you can easily keep the kids entertained through the night and give your child a birthday they will never forget.

Of course, you will want to start hunting for your Safari birthday party supplies and get hold of some Safari Party invites. Due to the fact that the kids will be spending the night out in tents, you may want to start planning early so you can get an RSVP on how many children are able to bring their own tents and sleeping bags. See if you can you can recruit any parents to stay overnight and help chaperone your guests.

While shopping for Safari birthday party supplies get hold of a few Safari party plates, napkins, and tablecovers since a camp out is not valid unless you host a cook out under the stars complete with marshmallows and hot dogs for dinner! You also might consider a Safari Letter Banner to add as decoration between two trees that can serve the dual purpose as a finish line if you plan on holding some races between the children as well to help tire them out for an easy night.

Add magic to your party with glow sticks for even more fun, since a great majority of the Safari birthday party will take place at night. Games like musical chairs, hot potato and tag are always popular but you can Add a twist to these common party games with a few glow bracelets. Add in a tiger cake and you will have a birthday party that the other parents are going to have to work hard to beat!

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