A Safari Party is great for children of all ages

Published : 23/12/2008 19:01:41
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Most children love animals, which is why planning a Safari  Party is usually a surefire way to please your child and guest's alike.  One of the nice things about a Safari party is that planning it can be pretty simple since to hold the theme you only need Safari party supplies such as cups, plates, and napkins. To spice up your invites, you might consider making them look like passports, and then write in Africa along with the party details, making sure to mention to guests that they should bring their passports for access into the Safari party.  Of course, this is only the beginning of your Safari  Party planning, and now you want to make sure you carry the theme throughout the party. Before the party, you might consider purchasing washable Crayola paints and dressing up the front windows of your home with safari animals and signs such as “Do not feed the animals.”  Inside, you can decorate for your Safari  Party with green and gold  streamers, as well as  multicolour latex balloons or safari balloons.  Around the home, you can take your children's stuffed animals, or purchase some tinfoil animals to place around the party room. At the door, you will of course want to greet your guests by taking their passports and giving them safari party bags in return.  Purchasing a safari wall banner is a great way to invite them to enter your “jungle” room.  Start out the party with a visual scavenger hunt, as each kid receives a Safari Party hat and is given five minutes to play in the room.  After which, they have to sit down, and write down as many jungle animals as they can think of.  The winner can be the first one to start off the tour outdoors. To head outside you can have the winner lead the elephant walk, where kid's have to place their right hand under their legs and grab the left hand of the child behind them.  Outdoors, you can play games such as giraffe giraffe monkey (instead of duck duck goose) and animal tag, where a child has to surrender their hat once they have been tagged until everyone has had a turn. For your buffet once the children have worked up an appetite, you can plan easy food such as fruit bowls, bugs on a log (peanut butter covered pretzels with raisins on them) and animal crackers.  Of course, no Safari  Party would be complete, without the perfect  lion or Tiger cake, since these big cats are truly the king of the jungle!

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