A Saucy Magic Trick For Next Time You're Eating Out

Published : 16/02/2012 09:00:43
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A Saucy Magic Trick For Next Time You're Eating OutI thought I'd share a really cool little trick which can be done almost anytime, anywhere, if you happen to have a sachet of sauce and a bottle of water. Let's assume you're in that burger place which has a large yellow 'M' above the door..! The great thing about this trick is that it doesn't even need any setting up. You literally just need a sachet of sauce (unopened) and a bottle of water which is still full, and has the cap. Oh, and the way I do it, I like to have a chip handy too!

The effect: The performer (you!) explains how MacDonald's (or wherever you happen to be) have invested millions into researching how to make sure their tomato sauce sticks to the chips. You go on to explain that they have implemented a form of molecular magnetism which means that the chips physically attract the sauce. Probably by now people are starting to look at you funny.

You then open up the bottle of water and drop the tomato sauce sachet inside, before screwing the cap back on. Everyone can clearly see the sauce sachet floating at the top of the bottle. You then hold the bottle up, grab the chip, and hold the chip against the bottom of the bottle. Nobody expects anything to happen, then slowly but clearly the tomato sauce sachet sinks to the bottom, right where the chip is.

You then take the chip away, and hold it near the top of the bottle. Without doing anything, or moving the bottle, the sachet slowly rises back to the top, right next to the chip.

Finally, you hold the chip halfway down the bottle. Sure enough, the sachet sinks halfway down the bottle, levitating right there in the middle of the bottle of water, right next to the chip. At this point you remove the sachet, and eat the chip. If you want.

The secret: Want to know how this is done? Want to show off to your friends next time you're grabbing a burger? Bookmark this blog now, and make sure you come back very soon, as I'll be posting the solution in just a couple of days!

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24/02/2012 14:29:11

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