A Secret Slumber Party

Published : 16/01/2009 18:55:34
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If your child has an upcoming birthday, you might consider hosting a slumber party as an additive to their regular birthday party so that they feel very grown up by the time their party is finished. Being able to spend the night at someone's house is a very magnificent feeling for a child, which is why a birthday party is the perfect time to indulge them.

To really make their slumber party a birthday they will never forget, plan the party covertly by allowing your child to send party invites out to their friends, but then make a note to talk to each child's parents separately. This way the children will all think they are coming over just for the day, when you really know that a surprise slumber party is in the works and you have clearance for all of your guests.

Plan the party as you would any other birthday party by asking your child what theme they would like and buying the appropriate party supplies such as plates, napkins, party bags, and a cake etc. You can plan out events for the entire day as usual, making a special note that the more active you keep your guests the more likely they will fall fast asleep at your slumber party, which means much less hassle for you!

In order for the slumber party to run smoothly, you will want to have your den or bedroom prepared for your tiny campers, along with some spare blankets and sleeping bags for all the children. This is one thing you could ask the other parents to bring to your party and set on the side so that you can sneak them in later while the kids are busy with an activity.

After dinner and cake, you can surprise the children by telling them to move to your den area. Instead of finding more treats or whatever you have told them, they can find their sleeping bags marked with name tags set up around the T.V. Choosing a movie that fits with your theme is a perfect way to start the slumber part of their party.

At the end of every birthday party, most children wish for the party to never end when they blow out their candles. By hosting a surprise slumber party, you may have just given them their wish of a never ending party!

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