A Sorrowful Tale Of A Cheap Office Christmas Party

Published : 15/12/2011 21:33:38
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Are you having an office Christmas party this year? With finances stretched so far, budgets shrinking and the pressure increasing every day many businesses have announced that they will not be having a festive bash. Which seems a shame as it's usually the only time when a business actually turns round and says thank you to all those hard working individuals who have helped them turn over another year's worth of profit.

But amidst any sorrow you may be experiencing should your boss declare the Yuletide celebrations cancelled spare a little pity for the City hedge fund owner who recently took nine members of staff to a London club for a Christmas drink. It was a fairly quiet affair - just ten people, one club and a few drinks. Quite a few drinks actually. In fact the bill came to £71,000, and included £44,000 on vodka, £7,000 on champagne, and of course a £10,000 tip. Poor things, it must be tough having to cut back that far...

News story source: http://goo.gl/3GwBp

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