A spontaneous Picnic Party

Published : 18/05/2009 19:30:03
Categories : Party Food and Drinks , Party Themes and Occasions

Did someone come up with the idea for a party at the last minute? A Just because party? You know how it goes, you are talking to your friends in the morning and someone says "hey you guys come on over this afternoon and we’ll have a party!" Well OK don't panic, you don't have time to clean the house and you don’t have time to prepare much in the way of food, so have a picnic. One of you start rounding up the blankets and lawn chairs, while the other goes to the shop. All the food you need can be bought prepackaged at a supermarket or a Deli or at a health food store, if you have a choice between all three start at the health food store and go to the supermarket last.   Anything you can think of can probably be purchased ready to eat and if bought from the deli it will still be hot. Get a chicken, and a bag of pre mixed salad, you can get beans I na can and you can get pre mixed drinks and pop from the supermarket. A supermarket Deli counter is a good place for readymade sandwiches and will probably have several types of pasta salad or potato salad to choose from.

Don’t forget the party supplies; you will probably need picnic tableware like paper plates and a supply of plastic glasses. Even with short notice you can come up with a theme for the picnic and find party accessories that will match your idea. In no time at all you can plan and execute a picnic party that will be a fun relaxing day with your friends and by using a few of these quick cheats from a couple of local stores you can dazzle them with your ability to bring it all together.

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