A St. Patrick’s Day Party

Published : 21/01/2009 07:06:08
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I come from a family that never misses an opportunity to have a party. In fact, we have been known to manufacture reasons to have a party, so that we do not have to go more than a month without one. Back when my wife and I were still dating, she told me that her family tried to never go more than three or four weeks without having some kind of party. I knew then that we were destined to be together.

I met her family shortly after that. She invited me to a St. Patrick's Day party that was hosted by her mother and father. My wife has a herd of brothers and sisters. She's one of the youngest siblings, and most of her older siblings are married and have children. To me, walking in to her parents house for the first time was like walking into a small, noisy village.

The house was decorated in green. Shamrocks were everywhere. Older kids were making decorations. My personal favourite was a green foil balloon with a leprechaun's hat! There were a few leprechaun fold out table decorations, green napkins, party supplies etc. I was warned to wear something green. The kids made a big deal out of "inspecting" me to make sure I was in compliance with the dress code. Fortunately, I was. I cannot imagine the horror that would be inflicted upon me had I been in violation.

My future mother in law was a phenomenal cook, and my first exposure to her cooking was at this party. The featured meal was corned beef and cabbage, which I had never been fond of. However, after trying hers, it's now a favourite dish.

All in all this party was a great success. I passed the family inspection, loved the cooking, and knew I was joining a family that enjoyed each other as much as mine did. I looked forward to the next St Patrick's Day party with much anticipation.

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