A Strawberry Picking Fifi Party

Published : 22/06/2009 17:26:14
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A Fifi party refers to scheduling a party event that takes place in the local strawberry fields. Even if you are not particularly up on the kids' characters that are making a huge splash right now, mention a strawberry picking Fifi party to a group of kids and they will know what you mean. Think of Fifi as one of the magical characters that accompany children through their adventures while still managing to devote the majority of her time to her gardening pursuits. If you get this picture clearly in your mind, then you have the initial makings of a strawberry picking Fifi party.

Most strawberry fields allow small groups to show up unannounced for their hours of regular operation. You and your party should plan on showing up to the strawberry fields early, as that afternoon sun tends to get pretty wicked in some areas. Remember that as much as kids might like the idea of a Fifi party and might be ready to pluck strawberries with you all day long when they first hop excitedly out of the car, children are also comfort motivated. Once they get hot, or the picking party starts to feel like work, you will find that your little troops are ready to close out the Fifi party. In order to keep it fun, keep your strawberry picking part of the Fifi party relatively short.

Your Fifi party doesn't have to end with the end of the strawberry picking fest. Bring the fresh strawberries home and engage a few interested members of the party in making some fresh strawberry treats. Whether you are whipping up a cake or a tart, you and your Fifi party goers have earned a nice treat after such hard work. Treats and special moments are exactly what makes a Fifi party a successful one.

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