A Surprise Party

Published : 02/12/2008 18:35:29
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Have you ever thought about throwing a surprise party but changed your mind because you thought it was just too much work?

Don't worry here are some tips to help plan the party.

  • Many occasions are suitable for a surprise party. Birthday Parties are probably the most common but Retirement parties and even Wedding Showers and Baby Showers can work well with the element of surprise.
  • Make sure your Party Invitations specify that this is a surprise party. Have the party start time be at least 30 minutes before the guest of honour is scheduled to arrive. Hide any Party Banners but bring out the Party Accessories after the guest has been given their surprise.
  • Planning a surprise party is really no different than any other party except the surprise factor must be considered. You will still need your party items like Balloons, Party Banners and Party Tableware. You will still need a venue for the party. You will still need to invite people.

But how do you make sure the guest of honour will co-operate. The key to this is to have some phony event planned for the same time as the surprise party. This event has to be something important that the guest of honour will not want to cancel. Let's say there is a new movie coming out that you both want to see. Well, tell them you've bought tickets to that show and then make a date for you to go. This will ensure that the guest of honour will not make other plans. The big fear about giving a surprise party is that someone will let the cat out of the bag and the guest of honour will find out.

Well, the truth is that often the guest of honour does have an inkling that a surprise party is going to be thrown for them. If you think this is what is happening then make a joke out of it and tell them that you are not throwing them a surprise party because surprise parties are just too much work. The bottom line is that parties are supposed to be fun so even if the guest of honour puts two and two together who cares. Shout "Surprise!" as loud as you can, let off some party poppers and have a great time. The guest of honour is going to appreciate all the thought and effort you put in on their behalf.

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