A Teddy Bears Picnic for Toddlers

Published : 03/06/2009 11:37:57
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My sister has two young children. She learned quite a bit about first birthday parties from her son. The first birthday party for her daughter was more for the parents and grandparents than my niece. Her second birthday party, however, was a very different story. My niece's second birthday party featured a teddy bears picnic.

Since just before she started walking, my niece has loved teddy bears, In fact, while she was learning to walk, she would often stumble and fall because she insisted o carrying an armful of teddy bears with her. Some of her first words were teddy bears. My sister did not have to work hard to find a theme for her daughter's party.

Her favorite teddy bears were set up at a kiddie sized picnic table in the back garden. In front of each bear was an empty wild animal food box. The bears must be fed if they are attending the party! The entire party was designed around my niece and her seven bear friends. The foods were selected to appeal to bears. Fortunately, my sister did a bit of research with my niece and was able to convince her that bears will eat just about anything, so there was food for us humans too. It only seemed fair, since we did outnumber the bears, but only by one person.

To better fit in with her stuffed animals, my niece wore a bear costume, complete with whiskers done up with face paint. The cake was interesting too. Instead of a teddy bear cake, which would be just too disturbing for the stuffed animals to see one of their own being eaten, the cake was shaped like a huge bee hive with two bees drawn on top in frosting, decorated with a number 2 candle. Overall a great party for humans and teddy bears alike!

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