A Theme less December Party

Published : 22/12/2008 08:00:24
Categories : Seasonal Parties

At this time of year it's hard to avoid Christmas themed everything, so try a party without a theme! A theme less party may sound like an absurd idea but it will go down a treat with your guests, and it's simple to arrange. There's no birthday to think of, no mistletoe to stick up over the door; an all around stress free event to arrange. Of course no party is complete without a few party supplies and decorations to get the house in the party mood. If you have an imaginative mind perhaps putting a few background pictures up in the room would be a good idea, maybe a frieze of palm trees to make it feel as if the sun is shining and the season is different! Food and drink can consist of simple snacks such as cheese and pineapple on a stick and the age old timeless classic sandwiches. But if you don't wish your guests to poke fun at you all night or worse poke you with the very cocktail sticks that you have furnished them with I would order a variety of Chinese food or maybe Pizza, after all you do actually like your friend's – don't you? Play some party games such as the old fashioned pass the parcel and musical chairs, even if it's entirely an adults party, in which case you can be really rude and adventurous with the prizes!. Also remember the cake of course, a must for any celebration at this time of year, and you can never go wrong with a party cake that's chocolate through and through. Enjoy the party season but don't be afraid to do something a little different and outrageous in every possible way. It may be a theme less party but it certainly won't be fun less!

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