A Traditional Kid's Party

Published : 30/12/2008 14:40:49
Categories : Party Nostalgia

In today's world of computers and wide screen televisions why not try a traditional kid's party theme, a teddy bears picnic for example, complete with jelly and ice cream and party bags at the end for an old fashioned fun afternoon. Most kid's have a cuddly toy of some sort to bring along to the event. You may have to use this theme with younger kids though as the older ones will be a little reluctant to take part in a cuddly toy event.

Party games such as sleeping lions and musical chairs will appeal to all kids. In these days of 21st Century technology, it's always a great idea to try and implement more traditional kid's party themes and games where you can. Try and keep everything as it was twenty years ago although you might struggle to get penny sweets for the party bags nowadays! Never the less you could purchase some pocket money toys to add to the fun.

Make sure that you send out some RSVP invitations in advance. You may be able to start a rebellion against laser quest and bowling parties, make a stand to go back to the olden days. The party bags can have a piece of traditional party cake and a few other trinkets to end the day with. Hopefully all the children will go home happy and content having enjoyed a traditional kid's party with all the elements that used to make us grown ups so happy when we were small.

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