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Published : 21/11/2008 13:24:30
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Now here's a thing. If you want to do something a little bit different at your next party try this party game, but what ever you do make sure you learn from my mistakes!

The idea was simple enough, children love mess and goo right? Well yes maybe under the right circumstances, but I think I could have overlooked the odd detail here and there.

We have a green bucket at home with a round frog face lid; the mouth opens and closes to pop the kid's toys in. My wonderful idea was to fill the frog with multicolour jelly and bouncy jet balls to mimick the contents of the frog's stomach. I was thinking along the lines of putty eggs with slime and toys in the middle. Next time i'll just hand out putty eggs...

Apart from having to make about 40 litres of jelly which was a feat in itself, you do tend to forget that unless you actually empty the contents of the fridge, stick it on its side and use it as a giant jelly mould you are going to find yourself with a small logistical nightmare. Plus where do you keep all the party food when your fridge is filled with jelly!

Apart from the tiny logistics problem, I also forgot to consider the demographics.

The kids were only 5, in fact some were still only 4. Now it wasn't so much the frightened crying children that disturbed me as they reached into the jelly guts of the frog, nor even the horrified looks on the faces of the parents who laughed nervously at my oh so fantastic party game. No, it was the fact that I had omitted to consider the lack of washing facilities as my brilliant plan had been to host the party at my local park, far away from any washing facilities and believe me one packet of baby wipes just doesn't cover it!

The intense heat that day only served to aggrivate the situation as groups of crying children with sweet sticky jelly up to their arm pits sobbed uncontrollably to their aggitated parents.

I think the wasps and flys were the real party killer though, and whilst I still marvelled at the genious of my unique party idea, I wondered if next time I would do things very slightly differently!

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