A Vodka Party

Published : 16/06/2009 04:52:10
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

On September Eleventh a few years back, yes that September eleventh, a good friend and business partner, decided that we didn't need to allow the incidents of that morning to define our outlook so we went out to dinner anyway. It was really eerie, we drove past Los Angeles International Airport on the 405 freeway, one of the most congested traffic areas in the world, and yes I have driven in Paris, but on this night we were practically the only private vehicle on the road, it was surreal, we made our way to Santa Monica Boulevard and on up to the Diaghlev, an ultra top end restaurant specializing in Russian food with a French flair.

The place is usually packed but on this night as you might imagine we had one of the two occupied tables, the mood was thick so we decided to get it a bit lighter by having their vodka sampler before dinner. Wow!What a treat, it was a mood changer and a very tasty one at that. Why not throw a vodka party, even if you don't need to change anyone's mood a vodka party is a very nice way to start a whole evening of dining pleasure with your friends.

If you are on your way out for dinner, you might want to limit the number of taste tests to no more than two or three. With the explosion in the number of flavoured vodkas available, your vodka party can be just that, with no dinner attached, just serve the vodka in shot glasses so that each participant gets a good taste. If you can find enough shot glasses,(that's where your party supplies store comes in), you can pour all the different flavours at once for each guest, say five or six of them, which presents a beautiful coloured array of some pretty tasty stuff. There is even a tea flavoured vodka that is just the thing to finish it off in proper British style.

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