A Wild Party to Remember

Published : 01/03/2009 13:11:57
Categories : Party Nostalgia

When I was turning ten, a pretty big landmark, I decided that I wanted to have an out of control wild party that everyone in my class would never forget. There was a television show on at the time called Tizwaz and they would play games that normally involved getting into and creating a large mess. I loved it! I asked my parents for a wild and crazy birthday and they agreed, as long as one of the party activities was cleaning it all up.

I had invited my entire class of about twenty people to my wild party event and we split up into two teams to compete for all of the games. With plenty of napkins on standby, we played games like shaving a balloon full of water over the top of a team mates head, trying to find the one hard boiled egg in a dozen by breaking it on a team mates head, and filling our trousers with a mixture of chocolate syrup and popcorn and one tennis ball and then racing to the end of the garden before having to find the tennis ball to win. It was a blast! The only thing is we had to inform everyone of the mess they were literally getting themselves into, so that they could wear their most disposable clothes and bring new ones for afterwards.

For the final event of the night we had a cake eating contest and the winner got to take home a quarter of my birthday cake. By the end of the night, after several games involving whipped cream, eggs and chocolate syrup, we were a total wreck. We took pictures of all of the party guests in their wild and crazy glory, and then hosed everyone off outside. To this day, when I find those pictures, it brings back great memories and I still have friends that talk about that wild party to this very day. Just as I'd wanted.

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