A Wild West Cowboy Party Theme

Published : 13/01/2009 08:20:54
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Looking for a unique party idea for your tribe that isn’t going to be duplicated by every other kid and their parents? How about a Wild West Cowboy Party?    Now, you may not have very many horses around the house, or six shooters for that matter. However, there are still some great party ideas you can build on with this theme. First though, you will have to set the mood.  You can get your posse in the mood with some great party decorations, including wall hangings, scene setters. plates, napkins, cups, and a boot shaped snack tray or two.

Encourage your party guests to come dressed as Cowboys or Indians. This can save you a fortune by not having to provide costumes.  If you are having your party outside, a picnic is a great idea. Then, break out the six shooter - water drencher guns! You can hold a target shooting contest, or just let the kids run around and squirt each other. They will end up doing that anyway, so you might as well cut to the chase (...and this is why I would only have a cowboy party in the summertime).

Add a birthday cake, and some party bags that include a sheriff's star badge, and you've got yourself one great cowboy party, pardner!

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