A Wine Tasting Party for non wine drinkers

Published : 27/03/2009 06:53:04
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Do you like wine? A lot of people aren't sure, so why not throw a wine tasting party. You don't need to be an expert you only need to know what you like and that food is a major player in the taste of any wine. Yes wine is always better with food, you don't need a full meal but cheese, fruit, and bread are essential. Did you know that some food brings out a different taste in the wine?

Also you might be interested to know that the size and shape of the wine glass can make the same wine taste differently? The fact that each wine will taste differently under different circumstances can be the theme to a great get together. You probably don’t have several sets of differently shaped wine glasses at home so get together with all the people you will be inviting and have them agree to bring a set of glasses to the party.

You want as many different shapes and sizes as is practical. Each guest should have at least three or four different shaped glasses in front of them. As for the wine, get four or five different reds and around three different whites. With the reds try a Merlot, a Shiraz, Bordeaux, and perhaps a Cab. Put a swallow or two of the same wine in each different glass, notice the difference in taste with each test, it’s really surprising. Have a piece of apple or a grape or a piece of cheese (have several types of cheese) and notice the change in the taste of the wine.

With white wine the taste is much less subtle and the shape of the glass doesn't change the flavor that much. The whites have their own flavor right out of the bottle some are quite sharp and some are very buttery with everything else in between. Give them a try and the next time someone tells you they drink beer or maybe spirits and don't much care for wine you will have yourself a potential guest for your next party.

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