Academy Awards Oscar Party

Published : 01/12/2008 17:55:29
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My friends and I are big movie buffs so the Academy Awards every spring is a big deal for us. Some years ago I hosted an Oscar party and now it has become a tradition for us.

Here are some tips on how to throw a really fun Oscar Party:

  • Around a month before the Oscars, send out invitations. Inside the party invitations have a ballot for most important categories such as best actor and best director. Have plenty of blank ballots at the party too. The guests with the most accurate predictions can win some Hollywood themed prizes.
  • The Food, Drink, and Party Decorations should reflect Hollywood’s reputation for Luxury and Wealth
  • Have lots of Champagne served in Champagne flutes. A nice added touch is to appoint a Martini Master usually a good friend who can make a killer Martini served in a really cool Hollywood themed plastic Martini Glass.
  • Make sure to have some Caviar but include a variety of munchies because lots of people do not care for caviar not withstanding its reputation.
  • Encourage your guests to dress to kill. This is Hollywood after all. Everyone should look like a movie star! Dress up like one of the stars. Have prizes for the best impersonations.
  • Arrange the TV and the room so that it is everybody can view the show. Have plenty of seating.
  • Make sure the room has that Luxurious Hollywood feel, so get a Red carpet room setter backdrop, some Shimmer Door Curtains and a selection of Hollywood movie night party accessories to help you theme. Scented Party Candles and mellow lighting will really help set the fun mood of an Oscar Party night.
  • During the breaks do a quick tally of the ballots and hand out the prizes. Sun Glasses, Champagne and chocolates all make great prizes.

Oscar night is a great excuse to throw a really fun party! Catch you on the turn-around.

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