Add A Bit Of Extra Fun To A Traditional Winter Film Night

Published : 14/01/2012 22:04:21
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One of the many traditions in our household during the winter, as with families across the country, is snuggling up on the couch in the evening with the curtains drawn watching re-runs of those classic films. Some are on the TV, some are on DVD, and I'm afraid to admit that some are even still on VHS - our family traditions go back a way!

But if you're going to have a film night, here are a couple of suggestions to make it feel more like a film night and less like just another evening watching TV. Grab some popcorn - the stuff you microwave works brilliantly (and kids love watching it!) and then give everyone one of our popcorn bags full of the traditional snack.

You just can't watch ET The Extra Terrestrial without popcorn - it's a rule. If you want to go all out and really make film night special then we have a range of other Hollywood and film novelties and decorations which you can browse here:

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