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Published : 15/11/2008 20:00:10
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Entertaining young children can be one of the most difficult parts of hosting a child's birthday party, because most young children have attention spans that wane and wander after only a few minutes of play. This is why, if you are hosting a birthday party for one of your children you might consider adding these popular children’s party games to the agenda, but with their little twists to keep the kids focused longer.

One thing that always helps children focus is the idea of a reward or treat. Therefore, you might host the party game ‘Duck Duck Goose’ where each of the guests sits on a round paper plate. Game play proceeds as usual, but after about five to ten rounds, when the children start to drift off, end the game.   Have each of the children look under their plate to find out what prize they've won! You might consider letting every child win something small such as sweet, but the two largest winners could potentially win a tinfoil party decoration to take home with them or the first piece of cake after the birthday child receives theirs.

You also might add a twist to the popular game of 'Hot Potato' if you are hosting a birthday party outside during the summer. Instead of tossing around a potato or ball until each child is called out of the circle, they could toss around a water balloon. If the water balloon bursts on a child, they are also out of the circle, but get the pleasure of tossing another balloon at the player of their choice. (Lightly of course!)

Another party game you might not have thought to include in your party agenda is the simple game of tag. However, for this game of tag, you wait until dark to fall, perhaps after you serve cake and ice cream and the children have sugar energy to wear off. To spruce up this simple game, just add in a few glow sticks. The child who is "it" does not receive a necklace so that the other players cannot seem them coming! This ups the ante on the classic game, and will keep the kids occupied with trying to make sure they do not have to give up their necklaces if they get caught by the tagger!

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