Add Magic to your party with Glow Sticks

Published : 19/11/2008 14:10:11
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

We all know that planning a memorable party takes time and effort. No doubt, you have purchased all of the usual supplies and favors. You have bought enough balloons, napkins, and paper plates to last a lifetime! May we suggest the addition of one more item? We know you will love this one! Add glow sticks to your list of must-have party favors! You and your guests will thrill in the magic and color that only glow sticks can bring.

There are countless ways to use glow sticks with our unique room settings. Browse through any of our scene setters for children's parties, and imagine adding glow bracelets to the occasion. These are especially popular for the young girls, but watch your adult guests become children again when they find glow sticks within arm's reach.   Glow sticks make unique party decorations, and can match a scene setting or holiday theme. Hang multicolour glow sticks from the ceiling. It will make a lasting impression on your guests on New Year's Eve. Add some spice and glow to floral centerpieces on tables and countertops. You can use glow products as primary decorations, or tastefully sprinkle them throughout the room to add subtle accents – to anything! Your only limit is your individual creativity and imagination!

Turn down the lights, and light up the drinks! Watch your guests smile as the bartender (you) pours drinks over ice cubes into glow cups. Remember to add neon straws to the drink! After sipping drinks through colourful straws, you will hear your guests remark, “What a fantastic idea!” or something a little less coherent after a few too many.

Make any occasion more memorable, vibrant, and colorful by adding glow sticks; turn them into glow braclets , glow necklaces and glow decorations for your party with the free conecters supplied. Add them to party bags, or dish them out at the door – what ever you do with glow sticks, you can be sure your party guests are glowing to love them!

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