Adding the Nintendo DS to Your Kids Birthday Party

Published : 12/04/2009 07:11:37
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

One of the hottest selling toys for kids is the Nintendo DS. Most children have them now and they are a fun way for children to learn. If you child is going to have a birthday party soon, you can make a theme for the party based on the popular Nintendo DS character Mario. You can go online and find all the party supplies including party hats, paper plates and cups, balloons and napkins all with the likeness of Mario on them - alternatively just pick plain colour partyware. You can even find cake decorating kits that have a Mario theme or you can bake a cake in the shape of the Nintendo DS and decorate it to look just like the gaming system.

For party fun, you can have all the children who have a Nintendo DS bring their gaming systems with them to the party. The can have contests to see who can get a higher score for a certain Mario based game and the winner will get a prize. Some children may not have a Nintendo DS, but this can be solved by sharing the gaming system around so that no child is left out of the fun.

Having a Nintendo DS themed party is a new and exciting way to celebrate your kids birthday and all the children will just love being able to play video games at the party. You can even go one step further and hire a character that will play Mario to come and visit the children and entertain them.

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