Adult Couples Party Fun

Published : 27/03/2009 14:20:05
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

This one is probably for committed couples only, invite friends and acquaintances about half of each, give your couples party time to settle where everyone can have an adult beverage and get to know each other. Don't overdo the drinks this party is called "Know your spouse" not "All fall down". The question is, can you tell your partner from the others in the room, simply by virtue of a kiss? No hands no peeking!

The first time around the room blindfold one of the women, I suggest the hostess be the first. Each man in the room then gives the one in the blindfold a kiss and she is to determine from that one kiss, which one of the men was her significant other. As I suggested no hands no touching anywhere except the lips. You can modify these rules as the party progresses. There will probably be more than one winner and prizes are in order, perhaps something from Victoria’s Secret.

Then it's the men's turn, as with the women blindfold one at a time and have the women each have a go, same rules as before probably fewer winners. Again the winners get a prize of some description. When everyone has had their chance start over, this time allow the person in the blindfold to touch the face of the one who just kissed them, this should make identification easier. Anything beyond that is up to you and your couples; make it fun and non-threatening. Know your guest list and know what they would enjoy. Wouldn't a Hawaiian bikini party be fun? How about combining this idea with your adult couples party? Only you know your friends and how far you can go, but one tip, don't go overboard or you just end up with no party guests at all!

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