Adult party games to keep your party rockin'

Published : 04/11/2008 19:30:43
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If you are having a party filled exclusively with adults, you may find that you have a hard time thinking of activities that will keep people busy after dinner is served and drinks become available. The reason for this is partially because when we were kids, playing mostly consisted of running around which could generally keep everyone occupied for hours. 

However, as an adult it may be harder to entertain guests for longer than the hour span of dinner. So you might consider adding a few adult party games to the roster to keep your guests smiling and content. In fact, there are actually many great options for adult party games if you simply perform a little research.

One great party game is called "Assassin", which may somewhat remind you of mystery theatre which is popular at many theatre houses.  In the game "Assassin", each of your guests is handed the name of another player whom they must 'kill'. In order to make the kill you have to make eye contact, wink, and then tap the player on the shoulder. This may seem easy, but if you get caught doing so by another player, you are out as well.

Once the kill is made, the player you took out takes the name you were given and it is now your job to continue on the quest. Play continues until the last person is taken out of the game, and while it may seem quite simple, it can very well last all night as players strategise while fraternising with the rest of the party.

If "Assassin" seems too complicated for your party, or if you simply want more adult party games to continue on with the fun once players go out, you may consider starting a poker corner. Nearly all men (and girls too!) love poker and you will certainly be able to keep a large number of people occupied if you set up a gaming corner in your home during your party.

For interactive fun, charades and Pictionary are popular party games that everyone usually knows the rules too, and despite some grumbling, usually everyone ends up enjoying as well. Keeping with the traditional theme, you also might pull out some other fun board games such as Balderdash, Taboo, and Yahtzee.

Of course, you may simply want to loosen up and have some old fashioned fun with adult games altered from children's games. For example, instead of truth or dare, you may play "Never Have I Ever". In this game, you take turns saying things you have done that are out of the ordinary that most people probably havn't. For example, "Never have I ever met someone on the way to the loo and asked for a date". If you have done the task, you have to take a drink of your beverage (or shot depending on how outrageous you want the night to be!), and then play continues around the table as each person takes their turn starting the "Never have I ever…" phrase.

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