Adults will love a Godfather Hollywood party

Published : 02/01/2009 19:40:29
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Looking for a great party idea for the adults in your neighbourhood that will be fun for everyone involved? Why not consider planning a Hollywood party highlighting one of the most renowned films in Hollywood history, the Godfather. One thing nice about picking such a classic film to centre your party around is that while most people are familiar with the Godfather, it is the type of film that never seems to lose its charm. You may start by sending your guests Hollywood party invites and adding the customised message that the Don requests your family's presence at a special Hollywood gathering. Also, if you want to add some more class to your evening, you can suggest that appropriate attire is expected (i.e. Ball gowns, formal suits, etc). Entertaining is easy if you head online to choose either from a black and white party theme of napkins, plates, and tablecovers, or you can choose to go with Hollywood party supplies. For more decoration you may consider purchasing Hollywood Foil Spray Centrepieces, one for the men's table and one for the women's.   After all, the Don would surely expect that the men would discuss matters separately from the woman. Your guests will actually probably jump at the chance to get to socialise more with each other than their significant others for the evening as couples generally are paired off at parties. You might want to enlist the help of a server, or simply a friend to act as the cocktail waiter for the night serving your party guests out of plastic martini glasses and champagne flutes. Only the best for the Godfather's extended family. After dinner, you can toast to your friends and "family's" health and then invite the guests to dine on a tremendous surprise treat. This special trick up your sleeve can be as simple as a horse head cake as this is one of the most memorable scenes of the Godfather movie. To help add to your Godfather Hollywood Party theme, you can play music from The Godfather soundtrack throughout the evening and consider watching the movie with your guests after dinner. For a more exciting evening, you might head online for trivia facts from the movie and have a trivia competition where the winner receives the Don's blessing and a bottle of wine or a fine cigar.

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09/03/2009 12:54:48

Perfect IDea! I'm goint to do this party with my friends at my church in brazil It's gonna be amazing!!

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