Adventure Island Southend - Thrills and Spills

Published : 25/05/2009 16:18:00
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Southend Adventure Island is the country's most popular free admission amusement park. Bring the whole family and don't pay a thing until you ride something. If you know that you will be riding everything in sight, then a wristband is a good value. Three levels are available from the Mini band for the little kids, the junior band for the kids who are a little bigger and the big adventure band for the child who is supposed to be the parent.

These three bands will save you quite a bit of money if you are a rider, for instance the big adventure band goes for 18 quid off peak and 22 at peak times. Significantly lower prices can be found by booking on line. The big adventure band allows you to ride every coaster plus all the kids ride as many times as they like.

That's ten major rides for twenty two pounds, if you only ride each one once, (fat chance) that’s chump change. You can save even more by booking as a group. As for the rest of the park, there is adventure golf, dodgems, karting and an area called water wars, which in the summer holidays is the most popular area in the park. Adventure Islands' premiere ride in the park is called The Rage.

The most startling feature of the Rage is the start which is a completely vertical climb followed by an almost vertical drop just to get your attention. The remainder of the ride, though exhilarating, is fairly typical, with a loop, a corkscrew and a very tight switchback. My two problems with it are that it is a bit frenetic, it seems to slam you around unnecessarily, I think, even with that many G's it should still be smoother, and secondly, the ride, well it's too short. That being said, if you've got a wrist band you can still ride as many times as you like and for me that and the fact that I'm a local makes Adventure Island my favourite amusement park to visit during the holidays.

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