After a drink at a party I want more

Published : 27/04/2009 20:43:56
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

It's a no-brainier, at a good party who wants to limit themselves to one drink? What do you do? Well first, know your personal limit and do your best to stick with it. Let's say you have decided on three drinks for the evening, the very best thing to do is stretch those three over the entire night. Before, during and after each drink the best thing to do is grab a glass of water or non-spiked punch or milk, something without alcohol, and a bite to eat.

What you are doing with this procedure is not only limiting your intake but you are preparing your body to resist a hangover the next day. Alcohol requires water for absorption and if it can't find it in the stomach it will get it from the brain, hence the headache. Your body also requires sugar to break down the alcohol so adding sugar (maybe a cup cake or two) will help prevent the next morning blues.   The type of alcohol is a factor in the production of a hangover, the lighter the better, I'm talking colour here. There is a substance in most alcoholic beverages that has been shown to be a major cause in the production of a hangover, it's called cogener, and there is more of it in dark liquor, dark beer, and red wine that in the clear stuff. So limit your intake when you drink and after a party get plenty of water and eat a piece of cake.

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