Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

Published : 29/05/2009 06:44:06
Categories : Party Food and Drinks , Party Venues

Have some tea for your anniversary! Is it the tea or is it the ceremony? I think it's the ceremony, tea after all, when you get right down to it, was added to water that was so bad it had to be boiled to make it something other than a cholera carrier.

The Japanese have a tea ceremony that is almost a religion and it's a beautiful thing to see, many other countries make the drinking of tea a ritual, but no one does it better than the English and nowhere in England is it done better than at the Ritz in London. Tea time in England is a drug.

For years my Mother (Cheshire) tried to get my Father (Yorkshire))to quit smoking, she was unmerciful and, as a young lad, I was getting tired of the constant harping so I got them to agree that for as long as my Mother would stop drinking tea my Father would stop smoking, by four that afternoon my Father could light up with impunity.

It's not the tea! It's the whole idea of it. The guys working the side of the road take a tea break, the ladies in the parlour add a sandwich or two, the local hotel has scones, sandwiches, and petits-fores, and on and on it goes, until you get to the Ritz. At the Ritz, afternoon tea has reached the level of holiness, simply put nobody does it better, therefore; you have to go, you just have to. Make it a special occasion such as an anniversary, but don't wait till the last minute, afternoon tea at the Ritz is booked up to twelve weeks in advance, a little pre-planning will be necessary but believe me it will be worth it.

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