An Amazing Prediction For Your Next Magical Party

Published : 01/09/2011 19:00:51
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Throughout this blog we have tried to include a variety of informative and entertaining ideas, from recipes to decoration ideas, and from children's games to party tricks. We know that quite a lot of you enjoy reading about novel and interesting party tricks and magic tricks which can be learned fairly quickly and easily, yet pack enough punch to make you the centre of attention.

If you have a party coming up soon and would like to learn a new trick then we have a great idea for you to try. As usual we're going to be highly frustrating and describe the effect in today's blog, with the secret being revealed very shortly in one of our next posts! Well, we like to make sure you'll come back you see!

The great thing about this trick is that it is completely impromptu, which means no preparation. All you need is a pack of cards, which can be borrowed if you like. It also helps if you have a bit of paper and a pen so you can write something down. If you're ever in that position where someone is asking for you to show them a trick, or there's a quiet lull and you need to spice things up, then whip out your deck of cards or borrow one and try this effect for size. First of all, the spectator is asked to shuffle the pack as thoroughly as they like. Still letting them hold the pack the magician (that's you!) asks them to choose any twelve cards.

They can either do this by looking at the faces, or randomly by selecting from the cards face down, it doesn't matter. Once they have chosen their twelve cards, without the magician seeing any of them, the magician then writes down a prediction on a piece of paper (or if you want to be technical, you could send them a text and have them keep their phone face down on the table).

The spectator is then asked to focus deeply on their twelve cards and choose any four, with the remaining cards being returned to the deck. Next they lay out their four chosen cards face up. The value of each card is noted, so the Three of Hearts would be valued as a 3, the Ace as 1, and all picture cards as 10. The spectator then deals enough cards onto each face up card to make its total to ten. So 7 cards would be dealt onto the Three of Hearts, 9 cards onto the Ace and none on to any picture cards.

Finally the total of the four cards is added up, and this many card dealt out onto the table. So if the four cards were the Three of Hearts, the Ace of Clubs, the Queen of Hearts and the Eight of Spades, these cards total 22, so 22 cards are dealt out by the spectator. The last card dealt by the spectator is then turned over and they are then asked to either turn their mobile phone over, or the piece of paper, and incredibly, your prediction matches their card! How is it done? Come back soon and find out!

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