An Apple Cocktail A Day Keeps The Children At Play!

Published : 27/08/2010 12:46:59
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Most of us enjoy the fun that comes with having cocktails at parties, with all those exciting new flavours, combinations and experiences, not forgetting the colours, cherries, olives, straws and fantastic little paper umbrellas that actually work!

But the thing is, when it comes to children's parties the drinks can become rather less imaginative. Offering children a delightful alternative of either orange squash or blackcurrant squash does little to fire up the enthusiasm and fun factor. So next time it comes to holding a children's party, or even having a party where the whole family comes round, why not try out the cocktail below that's specially designed to be fun, tasty and completely alcohol free?

Of course not only is it great for the kids, and tremendously popular, but it's also great for adults, especially those who might be designated drivers.

Appleade: For this recipe you just need a couple of large apples, a little bit of sugar and some boiling water. It's quick to make, and extremely tasty. Simply chop up the two large apples and then pour about a pint of boiling water over them. Next, sprinkle a dash of sugar over them and leave the whole concoction to stand for a few minutes. After a few minutes strain the liquid thoroughly and leave it to cool. Although making this drink doesn't take long, it's sensible to prepare it plenty of time in advance because it will take a while to cool down. But don't worry, because the wait is well worth it! Once your Appleade has cooled down make sure that you serve it with plenty of ice, and a little apple or lemon garnish as well. Slicing one apple into thin segments means that you can is pop a slice of apple onto the edge of each glass in which your Appleade is served. Don't forget if you're serving this up to children to include a straw!

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