An April Fools Idea To Wind Up The Kids!

Published : 24/03/2012 09:00:57
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Here's a handy 'heads up' for you - it's just a few days now until April Fool's Day! By thinking ahead you can either prepare yourself for being fooled, or even better, you can start planning those little pranks which will catch people out!

This year April Fool's Day, 1st April, is on a Sunday, which means that you're unlikely to have a chance to fool your work colleagues. Remember, the 'fool' part of the day ends at midday, so you'll really need to think about what opportunities you'll have on a Sunday morning. This means that it's highly probably the most convenient targets will be your dearly beloved family. A hilarious way to fool your children on April 1st!

Here's a great idea for pranking your children. All you need is a few newspapers and an old cardboard box. Before your children get up, or after they've gone to bed if they're early birds, get a pair of dad's trousers and stuff them full of loosely crumpled newspaper. Do the same with a pair of socks. Now prop the trousers on a chair in the corner of the kitchen, and use a little string through the belt loops to keep them in place. Position the socks correctly at the bottom of the trousers, and tuck them into a pair of shoes or slippers.

Now get a large sheet of cardboard, such as from a crisp box or similar that you can pick up from the shop, and tape an open newspaper to this. Tape the pages of the newspaper together, and then stand this on top of the 'lap' of the trousers. With a mug placed on the table next to this dummy the effect will look very realistic. When your children come down for breakfast make sure dad stays well out of sight. You can either have your children find the dummy themselves, and realise they've been pranked, or have dad walk in so for a moment they're hopelessly confused as to how many dads they have! Many high profile companies enjoy pranking people too, and you might remember a recent example from Google.

Have a look at the video below, and check out the supplementary guide sheet that came with it too - hilarious!

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