An Art's and Craft's Childrens Birthday Party

Published : 27/12/2008 14:35:13
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Most children love crafts, so if you have a younger child that has a flair for creativity, consider throwing an art themed childrens birthday party.  Planning this type of birthday party can actually be quite simple if you plan ahead and head online to buy all our party supplies.   One of the great benefits of this type of children's birthday party is that you can still buy decorations that represent the current kid trends, such as Fifi and the Flowertots.  Actually, Fifi can make a wonderful theme for a crafty children's birthday party.  To start, you can head online to purchase all of your specialty items such as Fifi and the Flowertots cups, plates, and tablecovers.Next, you can purchase party bags, only instead of placing traditional party favors inside, you can place little paint kits and brushes inside as well as glitter pens, stickers, and any other little decorative items that the children can use for their crafts.

After the children are all there, you can sit them down at the craft table in front of flowerpots, once for each child.  From here, their task is to decorate each flowerpot in whichever way they would like.  This can keep them entertained for a significant amount of time making your party very easy to control.  However, since young children can be messy, make sure that you have plenty of newspaper to protect your floor during this children's birthday party art attack.

After the children complete their projects, you can help them place soil inside (this is a better outdoors task if the weather is permitting) and plant a flower seed.  This way, they learn how to plant flowers just like Fifi and this also gives each guest their own special party present to take home.

Of course, no children's birthday party is complete without a cake even if it is an art birthday party, so why not organise a custom made Fifi and the Flowertots cake in time for the big party date!

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